11 Creative Proposal Spots and Ideas in Egypt

By Rana Kamaly


Wedding season is approaching, creating the perfect atmosphere for those couples looking to take a step forward in their relationship.  For those proposing, we have put together some ideas and locations that will help make this moment memorable, special and enjoyable.

Wadi Degla Protectorate, Cairo

For those who love the desert and open spaces, this would be the perfect venue for you as it is just minutes away from Maadi.
Take your significant other for a drive around before setting up a romantic picnic overlooking a panoramic desert view on a mountain, and then propose privately or invite friends and family.

Yacht Ride, Ain Sokhna

Proposing in Ain Sokhna proves to be a perfect as you can enjoy each other’s company during the short car ride there before renting a yacht or speedboat out and enjoying a day of swimming, snorkeling and fishing before popping the question at sunset. Some renters include lunch in the package, but if you do not choose this option, you could also visit one of the restaurants overlooking the sea to have a nice dinner that would be the perfect ending to the day.

Family Park, Cairo

Also a place for nature lovers, Family Park is home to a large array of beautiful gardens with serene lakes. You can also spend the day there, have lunch at one of the restaurants or order take-out and set up a cozy picnic in the garden.

I would highly recommend choosing a weekday as on weekends it may get a bit crowded, unless you want the attention. You can also invite as many people as you would like there.

Restaurant with a View 

There are many restaurants along the Nile that are the perfect location for this occasion. If you want to go big, you could always take her to the revolving restaurant at the top of the Cairo Tower for lunch or dinner, where you could propose to her at the end of the night whilst enjoying an incredible view of Cairo. If you want it to be more subtle or untraditional, you could always have the ring come with her favorite des

sert or cupcake.

You could also opt for sea view restaurants in Sokhna, Gouna or the North Coast, if you want a more holiday-like atmosphere.

Montazah Palace, Alexandria

The shores of Alexandria are breathtaking, and it is a city home to incredible views, history and rich culture. You can travel by train or make a road trip out of it and travel by car together.

If you want to avoid spending most of your time in the car stuck in traffic trying to take her to all the attractions, you could easily find most of what you want in Montazah, the king’s palace, where there are endless activities you could do there. If you are interested in history, you could take a tour of the palace, or walk across its beautiful gardens and admire the incredible landscape and architecture, before making your way to one of many restaurants or cafés overlooking the open sea, where you can have a bite to eat before proposing.

Camel and Horse Riding, Pyramids of Giza

This may sound overdone to some, but for others having such a special moment held with the backdrop of a monument like the pyramids has great value. The pyramids definitely make for a picturesque location for a proposal, and if she is an animal lover, horse or camel riding is a great choice. You could also possibly have a poster with the words “will you marry me?” placed on the horse or camel she is going to mount, to add a little surprise and creativity.

However, make sure the weather is moderate in order to avoid feeling too hot or cold.

Felouka on the Nile

If planned correctly, this would definitely be one of the top picks. There is something about proposing on a boat with a scenic view of the Nile at sunset that sets the perfect mood. Having lunch and drinks prepared beforehand will also be a great surprise for her.

You could also have your friends and family riding in different boats and only approach yours when it is time to celebrate. Make sure you are the one who selects the music so you do not end up with loud, unwanted tunes that ruin the moment and the proposal video.

Hot Air Balloon, Luxor

This may be a little harder to plan, especially with the distance you will need to travel, but if you have already planned a trip to Luxor with a group of friends, this will prove to be a moment neither of you will ever forget, and there is so much room for creativity. You can arrange to have the proposal written on the hot air balloon before she gets in, or you can propose to her when you are in the air, or have your friends carry a “will you marry me?” poster that she can see when you are coming back down. The options are endless.

This can also follow a day of visiting historical monuments, swimming, sailing on a felouka, row paddling or visiting the many markets there.

Magic Lake, Fayoum 

Not too far away from Cairo, the Magic Lake in Fayoum is an incredible place to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. You can spend some time exploring the desert dunes before making your way to the lake, where you can get your sand boarding gear ready, or go swimming before setting up a campfire or grill going to make your own dinner. Ending the night with a proposal with the backdrop of the lake will make this day unforgettable.

Beit El Seheimy

For all the history lovers who admire a rustic atmosphere, Beit El Seheimy would be a great place, given that it is open for all and is usually not very crowded, where you can take in the incredible architecture and the laid back atmosphere. Just make sure you plan around any events taking place there to avoid any issues. You can also have your loved ones hiding in the house behind the Mashrabeyat and come out before or after you propose to celebrate.

At a Mall

While having a bite to eat at the mall, a hired band can come by your table and start singing a romantic song, perhaps followed by upping the pace with a choreographed dance performed by some of your close friends.