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8 May, El Falaki Theater, 8 pm. 10 LE 

Capharnaüm by Latefa Ahrare – Morocco

A special theater double bill featuring a one-woman show that explores women’s issues and the taboos of Arab society, and a performance about the influence of censorship on expression, based on the author’s experience with Iranian artists.

Latefa Ahrare (born 1971) is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up in the mountains of Morocco. A graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and Cultural Activity (ISADAC), she is an actor (for theater, cinema, and television), a theater director, art teacher, festival director and presenter, and also co-founder of Théâtre des amis, established in 1996.

She has received several awards for her work from some of the largest national and international festivals.  As a theater director, Latifa Ahrrare has gained recognition for three of her one-woman shows: La dernière nuit, Capharnaüm and La Musicienne.

Capharnaum is a trip to a mythical and sacred place, a trip to this city that only exists in stories but that is inexistent on the map. Latefa Ahrrare describes Capharnaum as the story of a woman who relives moments of solitude in her body. A body wrapped in memories of childhood, marked by adolescent traces.  A woman who carries, men, religions, traditions … a body in its quest for freedom …

Points of Pain by Kate Pendry – Norway

Kate Pendry is a British performance artist, currently resident in Oslo. She is a multi-artist/performer. Works include ‘Dead Diana’ (Oslo, London, Copenhagen, Riga, Stockholm, Belgrade), “The Dead Celebrity Diaries” and “Marilyn Peepshow” performance/installation and Internet projects.

She most recently debuted with her first solo exhibition (including performance) “My Mistress Anarchy… tales from a wicked child” at the Kunstverket Galleri, Oslo.