Art in the Open Air

By Ahmed Kafafi


Under the auspices of the Kafr El Sheikh Governorate and the Balteem Educational Administration as well as the Basamat Society for Plastic Artists, the first open air art symposium, headed by artist and critic Wahid El Belqasi, was held from March 30 to April 1 in Balteem, Kafr El Sheikh.

Titled “Fanan wa Qodwa” (Artist and Role Model), the symposium that was sponsored by consultant Yassin El Metwali brought together a large number of famous artists from Egypt and the Arab World and students from several Balteem schools to attend workshops aimed at encouraging talent in remote areas.

In the open air, talented students created their pieces of art with the direction and help of the experienced artists. Each student was encouraged to get their inspiration from nature and translate it into artistic expressions. At the end of the event, a big exhibition was organized to highlight all the works achieved during the event and a number of distinguished artists were honored.

The success of the event encouraged the governorate to organize the event once again and invite genuine talents from other schools in different areas, who might be deprived of the art tools and guidance necessary to boost their creativity.