Attempts to Smuggle Antiquities Foiled


The Antiquities department in Hurghada airport stopped a smuggling attempt of a triple copper Coptic icon dating back to the 18th Century before being shipped to Germany.

Ahmed Al-Rawy, Head of the Central Administration for Antiquites Units in Ports, explains that the icon was confiscated because it is an Egyptian antiquity under the protection of the Antiquities Law 117 of 1983 and its amendment in law 3 of 2010.

The icon is decorated with religious scenes depicting Virgin Mary and Jesus in the Byzantine art style known during the Greek Orthodox family in Egypt.

At the same time, another smuggling attempt of a collection of historic documents, a medallion and a presidential letter was caught before being sent to the United Arab Emirates.

The seized objects include a legal contract of a land that belonged to an Egyptian citizen named Osman Pasha dated 1263 of Hegira and a gratitude letter from the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser dated April 1958 addressing Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Farghali, one of the most important businessmen in Egypt at that time.  Also seized was a medallion with the name of Ottoman Sultan Abdel Azizi Khan engraved on it.

The archaeological committee that inspected the objects approved the authenticity of the medallion and the contract.