Baad El Bahr for Cultural Development presents its last project FROM RAGS TO RICHES


BEBA is an Egyptian cultural association, whose key mission is to build bridges between cultures through the contemporary arts. As well as encouraging and supporting young artists, this also entails elaborating thinking strategies and organising exhibitions based on innovative concepts. The association organizes, on regular bases, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and long term activities such as the translation and publication of literary texts and the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival.

From Rags To Riches (FRTR) is a pilot project that is wholly devoted to up-cycled public art in Cairo. The project combines for the first time in Egypt two sensitive topics such as the attention towards public space and the problem of garbage disposal.


Within the project’s framework, BEBA proudly announced the launch of an open call for 20 exhibition proposals for public artworks. The call is open to Egyptian and Egypt-based artists, designers, architects and students. Both single artists and groups can submit proposals to create site-specific art for display in Cairene public spaces, using unusual and up-cycled materials. For a better understanding of the project’s philosophy, an open-air exhibition of the artworks will be presented in the garden of the Swiss Office for International Cooperation at the end of the year.


From Rags to Riches is in line with Baad El Bahr’s mission statement which aims to transform contemporary art in a daily experience accessible to everybody in the society, steering away from art as a luxury product for a limited, elite circle.

The project is curated by Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Dutch Embassy, the Spanish Embassy and also supported by the Italian Cultural Institute, Medrar TV, the French Cultural Institute, the Yunus Cultural Institute, and the Balassi Hungarian Cultural Office.