Beach Essentials for the Summer


Summer holidays have begun, and families and friends are all heading to their favorite waterfront destinations to enjoy some time off at the beach. We put together some accessories for you to provide you with a hassle and worry-free vacation!

The Beach Glass

The pointed stem can be inserted into the sand or ground, perfect for beach outings or wherever a table is not available. They even float on water! Made of shatter-resistant acrylic, they are dishwasher safe and more durable than glass or plastic.


The Curvy Chair

Its got a shape-hugging design and slots for continued air flow, and you will never want to go anywhere without it again. No more looking around for free chairs, or settling for sitting on the sand after getting out of the water.


Canon PowerShot D30

To avoid accidents, do not bring a camera to the beach unless it is a waterproof and shockproof version like the compact Canon PowerShot D30. In addition to being lightweight and easy to pack, this camera is optimized for shooting in direct sunlight, perfect for creating memories!


Adjustable Tents

Not only are adjustable tents the more trendy type of umbrella, but they also allow you to show up at the beach at whatever time you please, without the worry of not finding a shaded spot. There are many colorful options and it is very simple to set up.


Waterproof Playing Cards

To keep you and your family and friends busy when you are not in the water, pack along waterproof playing cards that will never get damaged by sand and water, and they also float! They are washable and easy to shuffle, not to mention can endure any outdoor exposure.


Enormous yet Light Beachyheads

Beachyheads’ beautiful range of umbrellas and beach accessories are by Anne Young. Take your pick from fun, subtle choices such as Houndstooth, Damask, Polka Dot and Chevron or something a little quirkier such as Fish Scales and Sea Horses.



Charge your GoPro or phone up to three times with Dualcharge. Dual USB ports allow you to charge multiple devices at once, and recharge your Dualcharge device via the included USB cable or the solar panel, which will automatically fill up the battery when exposed to solar rays.


Waterproof Cases

We all know that technology and water do not mix! Protect your phone while you are at the beach with waterproof cases. A recommended case with excellent reviews is The Joto Dry Pouch, which accomodates all types of smartphones, in addition to having enough room to hold a bit of cash and a credit card. The case is completely see-through on both sides, includes a handy lanyard, is budget-friendly and of high quality.