Behind the B-URN: Whole-Body Workout

By Ola El Soueni


Exercising not only tremendously benefits the body, but is also a sure way to enhance someone’s mood. Lately, many individuals have committed to working out and integrating such a healthy habit into their daily lives. B-URN, a new type of workout, is a powerful mega-reformer class powered by Physio that works the entire body from head to toe in 45 minutes. It is high intensity and low impact, involving cardio, endurance, strength training, flexibility, brain fitness and of course #thehappy (which you can’t find anywhere else), without risk of injury.

Amina Naguib, the brain behind B-URN, is a graduate of the George Washington University in DC with a degree in Exercise Science.

Did you always want to study physical rehabilitation? What was your inspiration?

I knew what I wanted to do at a very young age. At first, I wanted to be a stewardess on EgyptAir, however, my dreams were shattered by my parents who informed me of what it would entail. It did not take long for me to switch to wanting to become a physical education teacher. Years later, I got over this dream and got into physical medicine and rehabilitation.

My course of study gave me a foundation, but was not enough to come back home and make a difference. I got accepted to the European School of Physiotherapy in The Netherlands where I graduated at the top of my class. With ten years of higher education behind me and internships in the United States, Europe, Turkey and Egypt, I was fully certified to treat a full spectrum of conditions, including geriatrics, sports injuries, women’s health and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. It was finally time to come home and open up a place of my own: PhysioEgypt.

Physio offers evidence-based physiotherapy that is up-to-date with international standards. I felt that what I wanted to do was pretty much missing in Egypt.

What impact did exercising have on you?

When I had my first baby, I was like all mothers; sleep deprived and drowning in tasks with little social life. One day, I called my mother and asked her to rescue me. I cancelled all my appointments, hooked my iPod up with uplifting songs and went out for a jog. My jog turned into a mixture of bodyweight movements, with bursts of high intensity intervals. I did the only thing I knew; I worked out, and I came home that day with what I now preach to be #thehappy.

I also took classes with my favorite trainers and got my body and mind back into shape. As a child, my parents pushed me into all sorts of sports. I swam on a national level, and I guess my body just knew that was what I needed to get out of that phase.

How did the idea of B-URN begin?

B-URN started off as a 50-minute high intensity class with elements of training, physiology and good tunes. On a trip to the United States one year, I tried a class on The Megaformer, a workout based on the Lagree Fitness Method. After my second minute on the machine, my arms were shaking, my heart was beating and I felt the excitement I get deep within knowing that this would be a killer workout. I knew that I had to bring these machines back to share with the rest of Egypt.

The essence of B-URN is the B. I want our clients to B-energized, B-strong B-resilient; basically just to come in and be whatever they want for the 45 minutes, ultimately leaving with #thehappy; the physical and mental release you get after a good workout.

How does exercise better someone’s mood?

My take on this comes from my background in sports science. You will hear many trainers boast about the benefits of exercise and how it makes you feel better because of endorphins, stress relief and blood flow. However, for me it is so much more than this. Actually, the fat burning, muscle-toning and strengthening are all side effects, which you can get from any good workout.

What we offer is #thehappy and it is a science that I believe in. In a nutshell, what actually happens to your body after a workout is brain conditioning. To have our brain working at the best possible level, we have to work our bodies, and in this technology-driven age, we are doing less moving and so our brains are not functioning at their best.

I actually ask my clients to schedule their most important meetings right after their workout because exercise improves brain function.

Do you have a particular target audience?

At B-URN, everyone is welcome and it is an exercise for both men and women. We also provide private sessions for those who are anxious about jumping into a class or for those who have injuries that need attending to.

What are some of your achievements and shortcomings that you have witnessed?

My greatest achievement is my children. They come first for me. Secondly, I would like to believe that I have made an impact on exercise and health awareness in Egypt. As for issues I face: scheduling is painful. Egyptians have the tendency to book and cancel and book again within five minutes, and so it is hard to make everyone happy and that is where I am most pressured.

How do you feel about the exercise scene in Egypt?

I am happy that people are working out more, eating better and definitely more aware of the benefits of health and exercise. We used to be light years away from the West in terms of health and fitness, but I can proudly attest to the fact that we are not anymore.

What advice would you give to prosperous exercisers?

Do something everyday. Switch your workouts to get the best results. Do not limit yourself to one instructor or one training method, but rather try out everything then choose. Do not be scared of working out; be proud and happy to have made the decision.

Instagram: @b_urnegypt