By Mushira Sabry

Carrying a bouquet of flowers for your bouquet has become so outdated. View this selected collection of bridal bouquets that will stand out, and certainly outlast any flowers!

1 seasideboquet

Planning a beach wedding? Why should you have to bring flowers when you can use seashells as this intricate bouquet? This bouquet will make a great piece of memorabilia once the wedding is over.

2 pearlbouquet

Pearls! This arrangement of the timeless jewel can make a beautiful bouquet to compliment your dress.

3 peacockfeatherbouquet

Who needs flowers when you can wear feathers? This peacock cascade bouquet creates a stark contrast to your white dress.


A bouquet of chocolate candy. Something you can distribute on your guests later, or eat them all yourself.

5. brooch-bridal-bouquets-vintage-wedding-ideas-1.original

A bouquet of brooches. You can make your pick later of one of the brooches to match your clothes.

6 braceletbouquet

This cascading bouquet of orchids is a great alternative that frees your hands, rather than holding on to the bouquet throughout the event of the wedding.


Feathers? Yes. Jewels? Yes! Why deprive yourself of these two elements combined together to create a truly glamorous bouquet?

8. mushroom bouquet

For the minimalistic bride, this bouquet is an astonishing option. Do not be fooled by these white buds on this cascading bouquet, they are actually mushrooms!



Jeweled flowers is a very innovative idea for a bouquet


Hungry? An Ice cream and marshmallow bouquet.