Many of us would prefer not to attend to street children especially with the current lack of security on Egyptian streets. We mistakenly think that all street children are thugs whom we - not only neglect - but also degrade. Yet a young group of people decided to take a very different stand with those children whom they refuse to call “street children” but rather “homeless children”.

Bringing Life to a Place of Death

Although it sounds strange or even ironic, this is exactly what Italian NGO Liveinslums has been successfully doing in Cairo’s City of the Dead since 2010 Liveinslums has been operating in informal settlements and critical areas of some of the Third and Fourth World’s megacities for several years. In Egypt, it is currently developing a micro-garden project within the biggest necropolis in the world.

Combating Denial & Shame

With assault and rape becoming alarmingly common in downtown Cairo, many initiatives have sprung up to combat sexual violence against women. CT speaks to three groups about their experiences fighting sexual harassment.

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