Bringing Life to a Place of Death

Although it sounds strange or even ironic, this is exactly what Italian NGO Liveinslums has been successfully doing in Cairo’s City of the Dead since 2010 Liveinslums has been operating in informal settlements and critical areas of some of the Third and Fourth World’s megacities for several years. In Egypt, it is currently developing a micro-garden project within the biggest necropolis in the world.

New trash sorting stations to aid recycling debut on AUC campus

Each sorting station has six color-coded and labeled bins. They include cans and metal (grey), bottles and glass (yellow), plastic (blue), food (green), white (paper) and ‘other trash’ (red).

TUB El Gouna: A New Hub for Local Knowledge

A series of brain drains has left Egypt clutching to the periphery of scientific research; the absence of educational institutions dedicated to research and development has made it difficult for even those who are passionate about research to find real-world applications.

Young female entrepreneurs encouraged to enter Africa’s Anzisha prize

Young women from around the African continent are urged to enter the prestigious Anzisha Prize, Africa’s foremost youth entrepreneurial awards which honour young African business people who are making a difference by transforming both the continent and their communities.

Rohana’s Green Initiative is Growing

Launched in January 2012, Rohana was inspired by the needs of yoga practitioner and instructor, Hala Barakat. Respect for nature, harmony with the environment and inner peace is the founding principles upon which Rohana began.

Combating Denial & Shame

With assault and rape becoming alarmingly common in downtown Cairo, many initiatives have sprung up to combat sexual violence against women. CT speaks to three groups about their experiences fighting sexual harassment.

Local activists Nazli Shahine & Fadia Badrawi fight for women’s rights with The Voice...

Inspired by her predecessors including, Hoda Shaarawi, Nabawiya Moussa, and Ceza Nabarawi, Shafiq dedicated her life to the fight for women’s liberation. On February 19th, 1951 Shafiq fearlessly led a march of 1,500 women to storm the gates of the Egyptian parliament. After hours of raucous protest, Shafiq was finally received inside the office, where the council agreed to consider the issues and demands of Egyptian women.

Ice Cairo: Launching A Green Economy in Egypt

Amid the ailing economy Egypt faces nowadays, Ice Cairo emerges as a green technology hub that creates new opportunities for young entrepreneurs. The hub...

Brilliant Minds: Robots that save men’s lives

Utilization of the robot is no more confined to everyday tasks, such as cleaning and guarding the house or aiding the handicapped. They are...

Go Green

The Shagara team is striving to turn Cairo into a green and environmental friendly city.The streets are crowded; cars are bumper to bumper, and...

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