De-Centralizing Egyptian Culture: An Interview with Khaled Al Khamissi

by Nourhan Tewfik Community Times speaks to novelist Khaled El-Khamissy founder of the Doum Cultural Foundation Harboured in an enthralling structure built by Egyptian architect Ramsis...

Adam Henien A Museum Celebrating a Lifetime of Art opens this month

 by Hania Moheeb  El-Harraneya, a small village on the road to Sakkara, Guiza, has always been a destination for art lovers.  Many...

Young Artist’s Vision on Contemporary Mosaics

      Artist Maher Dawoud talked to Community Times about his vision on contemporary mosaics in light of a mosaic exhibition he organized...

Revolutionary Art of the South

by Ahmed Kafafi   Artists rushed to the streets following the January 25th revolution, painting on walls and exhibiting their art everywhere.  Surprisingly, this kind...

The Legend Carlos Latuff

Sometimes you may come across people who are more devoted to a country than its actual citizens. Carlos Latuff, an internationally renowned professional cartoonist is one of those people, who, despite being Brazilian and has never visited Egypt, has successfully amazed all Egyptians with his work, especially as one of the biggest supporters to the Egyptian revolution. His political cartoons have rocked Tahrir Square two years ago and lifted revolutionists’ spirits, highlighting all the factors that really ignited the revolution. The cartoons which were created on his desk in Rio De Janeiro, were used as banners in Tahrir square reflecting his great support for the Egyptians. They acted as veritable weapons being put on all t-shirts and posters and a source of inspiration, while he was physically 6000 miles away.


An artistic program of premier Middle Eastern and Western Artists using the Arts as a bridge for inter-religious and intercultural dialogue

Adli Rizk’s Art for Children

When everything around seems to lack discipline, when doing the wrong is becoming the norm and doing the right is becoming the exception, it gets more tricky for parents to teach their kids life values and raise them well.

From the Art Scene

This is a complex project in which the artist is dealing with heritage and social issues deep-rooted in the different societies of the Mediterranean basin as the understanding of religion, homeland, shame and forbidden things, gender, reality and what is behind it.

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