Giant Midgets

 Although small in size, Egyptian dwarfs are armed with high aspirations as well as the spirit of challenge. After decades marked by negligence and...

Culture for all

by Ahmed Kafafi For long, culture has been the domain of state-controlled channels that didn’t ensure its dissemination countrywide. This is bound to change with...

A Cultural Renaissance

While Egypt’s political and economic renaissance lags behind, a cultural renaissance flourishes; from graffiti-adorned walls to live music performances on the street, it seems that Egyptians are re-discovering their love of culture in the wake of the revolution.

Re-interpreting Informal Spaces

As residents of the city’s formal settlements, we often turn up our noses at what many refer to as the “slums” or “’ashwa’eyat.”

Wrecking in the Red Sea

By Yasmine Nazmy Renowned for its archaeological treasures and trinkets of civilizations long perished, Egypt has never been in want of history or its artifacts....

Sabrine El Hossamy – Aka Sabrine Darbuka / Crossing gender and cultural boundaries...

Her recent appearance on TV was enchanting! An elegant, copper haired woman sitting on a chair with poise, left foot supported on a footrest and a darbuka resting sideways on her lap, head straight and a faint smile all over her face, with her long-fingered, manicured hands resting on the drumhead ready to tap and strike, Sabrine El Hossamy performed live for the first time on Al Bernameg stage (episode 18).

HARA TV: Taking sexual harassment underground

The Cairo metro has long been a stage for commercial opportunists seeking on-the-fly sales with commuters; more recently, artists have turned to the underground as a stage for performers looking to reach a more diverse public.

Daring to Speak Out

Because the term “harassment” has no legal grounds, I used to hear it without associating it with a specific definition or specific acts; is it what happens on the streets and in public transport or way beyond? Even when it came to demonstrating, I used to go to the square telling myself that I’m a strong and cautious woman who takes adequate precautions.

Only in Egypt!

Our readers living in Egypt repeatedly find themselves innocent bystanders to a host of outlandish phenomena that just don’t seem to happen anywhere else...

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