Shibshibi, Your Summer’s Best Friend

Flip Flops and sandals are summer must-buys and while manicurists and pedicurists offer clients the season’s bright and neon colors for your nails, so does Shibshibi for your feet.

Sabry and Marouf and an Avantgardes Line

Sabry Marouf Bijoux is the breakthrough many people were waiting for. Its creations are innovative art pieces of jewellery that reflect a juxta-position between historical references and futuristic elements. Its tiny pieces of art are all about blending the boundaries between imaginary fantasies and a more-factual-than-ever reality.


This lighting collection features the best of authentic Egyptian design and manufacturing, with an eclectic style that incorporates traditional and contemporary elements. Eklego designs and produces its own capsule collection of lighting fixtures, while working with two other talented designers/producers; Egyptian/Belgian lighting designer Nadim Spiridon and Egyptian designer Maha El Gharabawy.

Folded Books

CRIZU is inspired by the creativity of Italian artist Cristina Corradi Bonino, who started folding books in the Nineties, after seeing in a New York art gallery a big oriental book, closed, with unusual cuts in its pages.

Bottles, bottles everywhere

The initiative of ‘Gezazi Design’ in Maadi to use crude bottles as decorative items, is a simple attempt to save the environment from the threat of a hair-raising accumulation of empty bottles

‘Laila’s Surprise’ Re-inventing Classic Designs

Architect and Interior Designer Laila Badawi has always had a passion for old furniture; locked away, many of these gems are too precious to be thrown out, but too dilapidated to use. Following her passion for classic furniture, Badawi decided to roll up her sleeves and explore novel ways to re-invent old pieces into functional items for modern homes.

A Nile Dahabiya in a modern setting

White-washed wood work keeps the mood true to the desert inspired colour scheme, while neutral upholstery adorned with traditionally embroidered throw pillows gives richness to the serene interior setting. The overall result is a charming floating home inviting you to layback and reflect on the wonderful surroundings of the river banks.

The last glimpse of wood logs

Furniture made of wood has become so refined that you cannot recognize it in its crude form when turned into furniture pieces, but items made of crude wood logs has become a rarity. This was why stumbling upon some displayed in a corner in the Sabtiya market in Cairo was more than a surprise.

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