The Pictures Behind The Egyptian Banknotes

Have you ever took a moment to check what the Egyptian paper banknotes denote? Certainly when you travel abroad you would always want to...

Al Salih Talai A Suspended Fatimid Mosque

Initially, the mosque was planned to be a shrine to house the head of Al Hussein - grandson of prophet Mohamed (PBUH), which was brought from Askalon by the vizier. However, the caliph Al Faiz Bi Nasr Allah decided to place the head in a shrine in the Fatimid palace that was later destroyed. Currently, and on the same site, the shrine is incorporated in the mosque of Sayedna Al Hussein.

Paradise Lost?

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Dahab: Underwater

Written and Photographed By John Perkins Underwater, nothing is the same. Reds turn blue, gravity is a faint memory, you could be anywhere. Fish swim...

Cairo: Going Going Gone

Military Decree no. 7 of 1998 has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Council Court last January. It’s true; the ban against demolishing old...

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