Located on the award-winning Nile boat Le Pacha 1901, which was established in 1992 as a dining and entertainment venue, Le J.Z. is the recently refurbished version of Johnny’s that welcomes guests with their vintage atmosphere and daily DJ playing relaxing beats.

After being greeted by a friendly staff, we were given the choice between being seated at the bar, on high tables or lounges. All the tables were simply but beautifully decorated with a red candle and a small glass vase with a real red rose, complimenting the dim yellow and red lights and wooden design, all coming together to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Most of the tables were spaced out to give privacy to each table, which was refreshing to see.

The separate food and drinks menus all offer a large variety of choices to satisfy all tastes, from oriental dishes to sushi and Indian plates, with a great selection of cocktails, imported wines, beers and fresh juices. Beginning with the “Le J.Z. Special Salad”, their pomegranate dressing was just the right strength, and the mix of lettuce, palm hearts, avocado, cucumbers and mango created a unique, refreshing dish. We also could not help but order the famous “Shrimp Konafa” appetizer that consisted of six jumbo shrimps accompanied with sweet chili sauce that was the right balance between sweet and sour.

For the main course, we ordered the “Goa Penne” with curry sauce and mango, and this Indian-inspired dish was surprisingly the highlight of the night’s dishes as it perfectly infused the unique flavors together to create an exotic dish, while the pasta was al dente, and the chicken was well marinated. The “Caruso Fillet” was one of Le J.Z.’s signature dishes, where the café du Paris butter greatly complimented the perfectly cooked steak with a side of crunchy sautéed vegetables. For refreshments, we ordered the virgin “Peña Colada” and “Cosmopolitan”, which were both fruity and sweet.

After soaking in the relaxed covers of well-known songs and admiring the old-fashioned vibe to the place, we finished off our meal with the “Chocolate Fondant”, which was rich in chocolate with a side of velvety ice cream.

The restaurant pays strong attention to little details, placing hangers at the bar for anyone wanting to keep their bags or accessories at arms’ reach without them getting in their way.

Le J.Z. is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on a daily basis. If you are looking for a more laid-back outing, visit the restaurant during weekdays, where the music remains at a low volume. Whereas if you want more of an upbeat night, go there on Thursday or Friday after 11 p.m. where they fasten the pace and louden the music, ideal for guests looking to unwind and enjoy their weekend after a week’s work.

Making a reservation beforehand is recommended, as it gets quite busy during the weekend.
To make a booking call: 19982