Diwan’s Book Recommendations


Be creative with your gifts and make reading a habit for your friends and family.  Here are some of the books recommended and released by Diwan that range from fiction and children’s books to cooking, and that appeal to an array of readers.

The High Mountains of Portugal
By Yann Martel

A man thrown backwards by heartbreak goes in search of an artifact that could unsettle history. A woman carries her husband to a doctor in a suitcase. A Canadian senator begins a new life, in a new country and in the company of a chimp called Odo.

From the author of Life of Pi, these stories of journeying and of loss and faith make a novel unlike any other: moving, profound and magical.


The Bookshop
By Penelope Fitzgerald

In a small East Anglian town, widower Florence Green risks everything, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open the first bookshop in the area.


Sunshine on a Rainy Day
By Bryony Fraser

A funny, feel-good romantic comedy that proves to be a hilarious and heartbreaking read for anyone whose life has not quite gone according to plan.

Marriage is not for everyone – something that a couple discovered around the time they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Sharing a beautiful home, they are both stuck together, neither one of them willing to move out.

The only book that fans of Bridget Jones and Marian Keyes need.


By Paul Finch

A stranger is just a killer you have not met yet…

For those looking for a dark and gritty read, the Sunday Times bestseller returns with the story of PC Lucy Clayburn who goes undercover on the trail of a prolific female serial killer and unfortunately steps into her line of fire.


Homo Deus
By Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Deus explores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the 21st Century – from overcoming death to creating artificial life. It asks the fundamental questions: Where do we go from here? How will we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers? This book is the next stage of evolution that makes readers lost in thought.


Midnight Gang
By David Walliams

Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except of course for the Midnight Gang. The book tells an extraordinarily heartwarming and, of course, humorous story of five children at a hospital ward – and on a quest for adventure!


Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
By Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees

Ten illustrated stories following the adventures of Simon Lewis, star of the bestselling series The Mortal Instruments, as he trains to become a Shadowhunter.

Simon has been a human and a vampire, but after the events of City of Heavenly Fire left him stripped of his memories, he is not sure who he is any more. When the Shadowhunter Academy reopens, Simon throws himself into this new world of demon-hunting, determined to find himself again.


Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way
By Jennifer Orkin Lewis

To conquer the intimidating prospect of filling 365 blank spaces, Lewis divides the journal into twelve monthly themes and provides prompts suggesting what to draw each day. Each month begins with an inspiring tutorial that shows you how to draw with different materials: ballpoint pens, metallic gel pens, colored pencils, paint and collage.

The entries are not dated, and so you can work through the journal from front to back, or jump around and draw whatever appeals to you at the moment.

By Academia Barilla

Barilla’s beloved food series offers up to 50 delectable Italian recipes that you can barbecue and grill right in your backyard or kitchen. Created for Italian food lovers, Barbecue packs in first and second courses, sides and desserts.

All fabulous dishes are super-easy to prepare, and each represents the distinct flavors and fresh ingredients of the many regions of Italy. Plus, there are stories and interesting facts about the ingredients that can later be retold to impress friends and family.


The 100 Photographs That Changed the World
By Federica Guarnieri and Roberto Mottadelli

In celebration of the importance photography has in capturing significant historical moments, White Star have collected 100 of the most famous photographs in contemporary history in this beautiful volume.