Egypt and U.S. Celebrate Completion of Ancient Memphis Development Project


Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khaled El-Enany, Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Thomas Goldberger, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires and Kamal Eldaly, Governor of Giza, celebrated the completion of the Ancient Memphis Development Project in Mit Rahina. The project connects eight archaeological sites in the center of Egypt’s first capital city during the Pharaonic period.

Within the framework of the bilateral agreement signed between Egypt and The United States entitled “Sustainable Investment in Tourism in Egypt”, the USAID granted 9,200,00 EGP to start the project in 2015.

Dr. El-Enany pointed out that the collaboration between the ministry and the USAID has a long successful history. It is shown in different projects among which are the decreasing of the subterranean water level in Edfu temple and Medinet Habu in Luxor, the restoration of Khonsu and Mut Temples in Karnak, the Red Monastery in Sohag and archaeological sites near the Red Sea.

Dr. Mark Lehner, director of the organization, AERA, explains that they have developed the Memphis Walking Circuit, a path with signposts that tell the story of eight archaeological sites in the center of Egypt’s capital city. These sites include the Great Temple of Ptah, the Apis House (a major tourist stop in Roman times), a Hathor Temple, a New Kingdom shrine and a series of early tombs and residences.

The Walking Circuit is complemented by newly developed signage to encourage visitors to learn more about ancient Memphis. A website called Memphis Egypt was also launched on the Internet to provide detailed information on the necropolis.1.jpg