Fall 2017’s Top Runway Trends


As mid-September marks the beginning of the fall season, designers have already presented the fall fashion trends on the runway this year, proving to always create bold pieces while still using vintage designs for inspiration.

Most of the designs seen for this season have incorporated very old-fashioned looks with slight modern adjustments, which is making everyone reminisce on a time of elegant fashion sense.  We have put together some of the trends that have made an appearance in most of the top designers’ collections.


This bold color has been seen in many of this year’s runway shows, often being used as the color of the entire outfit, from robes to jumpsuits to matching blazers and pants, making it the official color of fall 2017. The look has been seen as part of Dolce and Gabana, Fendi, Jason Wu, Oscar De La Renta and Armani’s collections.

Jason Wu
Oscar De La Renta


This trend is taking us back to the time between the seventies and the nineties, where everyone was wearing plaid patterns, whether colorful or monotone. This pattern is mainly being used in dresses, coats, pants and skirts, and was picked up by designers Tory Burch, Prada, Calvin Klein, Hermes and Michael Kors, among others.

Calvin Klein

Silver and Metallic

Whether smooth metallic fabric is involved or silver sequences, many of the designers have opted to include certain shininess in their collections suitable for nights out. While some have kept it as simple as possible to avoid going overboard with their pieces, many of the designers went all out, often pairing them with feathers or fur to create an incredibly bold look. This trend was seen in Alexander McQueen’s collection, as well as Paco Rabanne, Michael Kors and Chanel.

Paco Rabanne
Alexander McQueen


Recently a trend that was seen throughout spring and summer, winter floral is also making an appearance on the runway of famous designers Tory Burch, Gucci, Valentino and Ralph Lauren, among others, however, most designers have toned down the colors to include a warmer palette. As the weather does not necessarily drop until winter, this look is the perfect transition.

Tory Burch

Victorian Collars

Another vintage look making its way to this year’s runway is the high Victorian collar that is a great, more sophisticated alternative to turtlenecks. While many designers decided to stay true to the trend’s original “Shakespearean white”, many others have looked to modernize it by using bright colors or on striped patterns, and has been seen as part of Valentino, Coach, Kenzo and Victoria Beckham’s collections.

Victoria Beckham


Designers have taken denim, not only to use it for a good pair of jeans, but to also incorporate it in jackets, dresses, jumpsuits and skirts, as seen on the runways of Dior, Marc Jacobs, Public School and Versace. Many people abandoned this style in the early 2000s, but the material has made its way back into the fall collection.

Public School

Mid-Length Skirts

Skirts reaching the calf with volume and movement have proved to be extremely flattering and elegant, whether it is a casual, morning look or an item for a night out. Designers have played around with the material and color, ranging from tulle and lace to cotton, which has been a part of Carolina Herrera’s collection, as well as Christian Dior, Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga and Gabriela Hearst.

Carolina Herrera
Gabriela Hearst

Chocolate Brown

A warm and suitable color for fall and winter, the rich chocolate brown has replaced black this year, being used for coats, suits, pants and skirts in all types of material including fur and leather. Balmain, Max Mara, Moschino, Tod’s and Jil Sander, among many others, have used this as their main tone for many of their fall pieces.

Max Marra


Another trend that has been creeping into the limelight every so often is velvet, but this season designers are focusing more on using this material for formalwear with simple cuts and designs. Jason Wu, Aberta Ferretti, Altuzarra and Valentino have all included this look in their fall collections.



It comes as no surprise that fur has made its way onto the runway once again, as year after year, it makes an appearance during the colder seasons as it proves to be an elegant way to keep warm. However, this year, designers have gone back to vintage designs that stay away from frills or feather additions, and have been seen in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton.

Michael Kors
Louis Vuitton