Finnish-Egyptian Musical Bridge Celebrates Tenth Anniversary


Finnish-Egyptian Musical Bridge celebrates its tenth anniversary and a century of Finnish independence with five concerts and a photo exhibition.

For almost ten days in March, Finnish-Egyptian Musical Bridge will celebrate its tenth anniversary along with Finland’s 100 years of independence in both Cairo and Alexandria. The Musical Bridge is the brainchild of the well-known Finnish pianist and conductor Ralf Gothóni, with the goal of promoting cultural relations between Finland and Egypt by bringing together musicians from the two countries.

Since 2007, the Musical Bridge has been a valuable stepping stone for pushing many young Egyptian opera singers and musicians to international careers. The Bridge joins together talented Egyptian musicians from the Cairo Opera House with world renowned Finnish maestros and performers through musical workshops, master classes and joint performances. Some of the young musicians are later invited to continue their studies at the Savonlinna Music Academy in Finland, and to perform during the International Savonlinna Opera Festival in the summertime.

During this year’s event, the Bridge, Mr. Gothóni and his professional colleagues will organize workshops with the Egyptian musicians and singers in both Cairo and Alexandria.

Besides the workshops, the Musical Bridge will entertain Cairo’s classical music lovers with three concerts, all free of charge: an opera concert for the most famous opera arias and two chamber music concerts playing classical pieces. In addition, two concerts will take place for the first time at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The Schedule

Two concerts will take place at 8 pm at the Arab Music Institute, Ramses street, on the following days:


11/3/2017        Chamber Music Concert
12/3/2017        Opera and Lied Concert

The third concert in Cairo, Chamber Music with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, will take place at the Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall on March 13 at 8 pm. It will be conducted by Ralf Gothóni and Ahmed El Saedi.

Alongside these three concerts, there will be a photo exhibition entitled “Stories from the Past – Ancient Rock Art in Egypt and Finland” by Finnish photographer Paivi Arvonen at the lobby of both the Arab Music Institute and the Cairo Opera House. This exhibition is part of the program for the Centenary of Finland’s independence celebration this year.


The last two classical music concerts will be at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina at 8 pm accompanied by the BA Orchestra:

18/3/2017         Orchestra Music
20/3/2017          Opera Gala