Food and Drink that Help Prevent Breast Cancer


As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have put together a few remedies that can help towards reducing a person’s risk of getting the sickness. Even though no specific food or drink can be said to heal or prevent it for good, keeping a healthy diet and consuming the right vitamins can lower the risks.

Always aim to consume nutrition in moderate amounts, as too much of something can ruin its positive effects.

Green Tea

Proven by many studies, consuming green tea releases antioxidants called polyphenol and catechins that protect the body from radicals, which are the molecules that speed up the damaging of the cells, thus leading to cancer.

Adding a cup to your daily routine will not only help in the prevention of the disease, but is also a healthy option for weight control and blood pressure management.

green tea.jpg

Whole Grains

Also high in polyphenols as well as the immune boosting magnesium, fiber and protein, whole grains have many anti-cancerous elements that help fight off the disease.

These grains include oatmeal, corn, brown rice and barley.



Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are all loaded with the antioxidant polyphenol as well as the antioxidant vitamin C.

Blueberries especially are said to fight cancer cells as they contain the drug tamoxifen, which is often prescribed to many patients.


This commonly used ingredient contains allyl sulfide, which can be found in the entire onion family, that is said to prevent the process of cell cycling (when a cell changes from normal to cancerous).


Pomegranate Juice

Whether eaten as a fruit or juiced into a drinkable liquid, pomegranates also contain polyphenol, which helps fight DNA cell damage.

However, before adding this fruit to your diet, it is highly recommended that you check with your doctor if you have diabetes, as it is high in sugar.



This spice that can also be found in curry contains curcumin, a chemical that fights cancer tumors and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Even though a large quantity of this is needed in order to provide people with the direct effect, adding it into your regular diet along with many of the other recommended nutrition will only further help prevention.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Very beneficial to your immune system, Omega-3 fatty acids, or “good fats”, can be found in cold fish such as salmon and herring, as well as nuts, olive oil and avocados.

The recommended amount for the consumption of these fats is between 20 to 30 percent of your daily calorie intake.


Peaches and Plums

The polyphenols that are found in these two fruits helps fight cancerous cells as well as preventing further formation and multiplication.


Leafy Vegetables and Apigenins

Dark green vegetables are known to be very high in nutrition, antioxidants and fibers, which help raise immunity and fight off damage. These greens include spinach and kale.

Also available in many leafy greens are apigenins, which are also antioxidants with anti-inflammatory elements that limit the growth of cancer cells, and are found in parsley, celery, rosemary, thyme and chamomile, among others.



This fruit is known to be a healthy daily snack, with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” However, many people tend to peel the apple, which is where most of the vitamins, antioxidants and fibers are found.

This applies to every type of apple.