Hadia Abd Elfatah Continues Her Fight For Women’s Rights


Photo from womenofegyptmag

29-year-old Hadia Abd Elfatah from Damietta wanted to promote gender equality and help make the country a safer place for women ever since she was in college. The revolutions in 2011 and 2013 sparked her eagerness to make a change, especially when she was encouraged to join many of the anti-harassment groups that aimed to protect protestors from violence and assault.

Her first step towards fighting sexual harassment was when she became a part of “The Harassment Map” initiative, which was then followed by organizing protests in her home city to spread awareness campaigns on the issues women face today. Following these events, Abd Elfatah became one of the co-founders of the initiative “Eve in the Factory” that aims to eliminate harassment at the workplace.

Abd Elfatah also puts together workshops to educate the public on gender discrimination, and to help encourage and support young girls to study and build a career in the field they desire.