Second Solar Boat Stahe 3 Luxor Times 1


The archaeological team in charge of the restoration of Khufu’s second solar boat are coming up with modern scientific techniques and most appropriate methods to take samples of the wooden beams from the solar boat and to determine the exact cause behind the boat’s deterioration.

The boat is still underground in its original pit until accurate plans are agreed upon for restoring it in a special museum located on the Pyramid’s plateau.

The project is being carried out by an Egyptian team in collaboration with a Japanese archaeological team from Waseda University, that offered a grant to unearth, restore, re-assemble and put the boat on display.

Upon completion of the restoration project, which will take 5 years, King Khufu’s second solar boat will be one of the masterpieces to be exhibited in the Grand Egyptian Museum.  Though the boat was initially to be kept on site, studies recommended that it would rather be erected in a separate new ecological museum next to the main one.