Jewish Temple in Alexandria to be Renovated


Orascom Company and Arab Contractors were assigned to start repairing the Jewish Temple in Alexandria, under complete supervision of the Ministry of Antiquities.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, General Manager of historical Cairo, announced that the project will take eight months and will cost around 100 million Pounds to be paid by the Egyptian government.

Abdel Aziz pointed out that the government had offered the amount of one billion and 270 million Egyptian Pounds to accomplish eight projects which are: The Jewish Temple – The National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation – The development of the Pyramids Area, the Baron Palace in Heliopolis, Mohamed Ali Palace in Shoubra, King Farouk’s rest house in the Pyramids area, the Greek Roman Museum and Alexan Palace in Assiut.

The temple’s repairs will start after all scientific and engineering studies are concluded, including floors, paintings, glass, electricity and water works.

The Jewish temple (Eliahou Henpi), situated on El Nabi Daniel St., is considered to be the oldest and most famous of the temples in Alexandria.  It was first built in 1354 but was destroyed during the French invasion in Egypt then rebuilt in 1850 by Mohamed Ali’s family.