Lifestyle Blogger Hana El Awadi

By Ola El Soueni


Creator of the #hanagoeslocal Campaign

The Egyptian fashion scene has brilliantly stepped into the spotlight over the past few years with a rise in the number of talented Egyptian designers with their stylish, modern and most importantly excellent quality products. In order to create a buzz on what is available in the market, many fashion bloggers and influencers started featuring fashion items to spark the interest of potential shoppers.

Hana El Awadi, a well-known blogger and influencer who graduated from the American Intercontinental University in the UK with a degree in International Business, created a campaign with the hashtag #hanagoeslocal to shed light on quality Egyptian products that are worth buying. She features many of the designers’ clothes, home accessories, jewelry and cosmetic products, all with the purpose of boosting the Egyptian economy by encouraging the public to support locally made products.

Personal Life and Early Career

“I am addicted to social media and that is how it all started. Social media played a vital role in changing our lives, bringing people together, sharing information and making us all feel connected,” she mentions. “I am a blogger, and I do this with a twist, since I blog through images shared online and through social media and not as a journal,” says El Awadi.

Originally a jewelry designer, she gained a good customer base when she showcased her pieces online. “Wanting to become a blogger started when I realized that my jewelry followers were not only interested in shopping for my pieces, but also in my lifestyle, fashion items, places I enjoy going to and many other aspects of my life. In addition, I understand that through social media you can actually make a living, so I decided to share more and eventually other businesses started to reach out to collaborate with me on certain products,” she explains.

“At the beginning, I was super excited, but I later realized that I was not being true to myself as I would not actually use all of the products, so I changed my plan and only decided to work with brands that I believe in and would want to promote,” clarifies El Awadi. Hana personally tries many of the designers’ products before she recommends them to her audience.


#hanagoeslocal Campaign

With the devaluation of the pound, she decided to start her #hanagoeslocal campaign. “When I first launched it, I had no idea that it would gain this much positive feedback,” she comments.

Hana joined Instagram six years ago, but it was not until a little less than three years ago that she decided she wanted to turn it into a business.

“I design jewelry by order and have also established one of the first locally inspired brands for both men and women that I was able to place in areas like Bloomingdales Dubai. Unfortunately, after the revolution, I had to close down as I could not keep up anymore, but I currently have another local line that I recently started called @KAIYRO, a lifestyle concept from the streets of Cairo,” adds El Awadi.

Nuniz, Okhtein and Incredible Jeans are some of her favorite Egyptian designers.

“I wanted the hashtag to be a platform for local designers to shine and showcase their great products. I used my account to encourage my followers to support these talents because it was something that would help out the community, as I do all the #hanagoeslocal posts for free,” says El Awadi.


Achievements and Challenges

“My greatest achievement is my children! From a work aspect, my #hanagoeslocal campaign is something I am very proud of because I know it has helped Egyptian designers gain recognition and boost their sales,” she mentions.

According to her, she faces a lot of challenges when she goes about her work, which includes her concern that because she does not have over 100,000 followers, she will not be recognized by other businesses. “Companies want huge numbers of followers regardless of whether their profile is what they are looking for or not, and sometimes they are not clear on whom they are targeting. What is really alarming is that one can actually buy followers, so who really has a loyal customer base?”

Fashion Scene in Egypt and Dubai

El Awadi mentions that the fashion scene in Egypt has tremendously evolved, and she believes that with the great diversity of designers and quality products, it only keeps getting better.

As she lived a part of her life in Dubai, she also had some input on the difference between the two countries in the world of fashion. “Dubai is very different from Cairo, as it is very brand-oriented and everyone is always dressed up, while in Cairo, we are more relaxed, but of course this depends on the social scene you are in,” concludes El Awadi.

Future Plans

El Awadi’s plans for the future would include changing her hashtag to #shophanagoeslocal, where interested clients can shop all the incredible pieces she promotes on her social media pages from a one-stop online page or store.

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