May Book Recommendations

Can I Let You Go?
By Cathy Glass

This true story speaks about the life of 24-year-old Faye, a young woman who may not have the ability to parent her unborn child due to the learning difficulties she has because of her alcoholic mother. Faye keeps how she got pregnant a secret; leaving it a mystery to her loved ones, as she is known to have never left the house alone.

Faye is welcomed into Cathy’s home and family after moving away from her growingly old grandparents, agreeing to stay with them until she gives birth and puts the baby up for adoption. However, she starts opening up to Cathy and decides she wants to keep the baby; a decision questioned by her social worker.

Fortune Smiles
By Adam Johnson 

This collection of six timeless short stories explores love, loss, technology’s influence on societies, politics and the devastation that come with natural disasters.

In the story “Hurricanes Anonymous” that takes place in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a man searches for his son’s mother in what is left of Louisiana, and in “George Orwell Was a Friend of Mine”, a former warden of a prison in Germany denies his past, even as pieces of it are delivered in packages to his front door.

When You Find Out the World Is Against You
By Kelly Oxford

Bestselling author Kelly Oxford returns with a new collection of humorous and deep essays about what it is like living in her own head.

Named one of the funniest people on Twitter, Oxford has her own perspective on modern life, and is not a fan of the status quo. She is famous for her pictures of her adorable family, as well as her interest in addressing serious issues. Oxford created the hash tag #NotOkay, where millions of women came together to share their personal stories of sexual assault.

Two by Two
By Nicholas Sparks 

Russel Green is married to a stunning lady, has a six-year-old daughter, a successful career and a perfect house.

Behind this image of the perfect life, Russel is surprised when he finds out it is falling apart. Within months, he finds himself unemployed and without a wife, caring for his young daughter by himself. Struggling as a single parent, Russel embarks on an emotionally draining but rewarding journey.

No One Is Coming to Save Us 
By Stephanie Powell Watts 

A Southern recast of The Great Gatsby, this novel is about an extended African-American family’s journey to achieve the American Dream.

When JJ Ferguson returns home to North Carolina to rekindle a romance with his high school sweetheart and build his dream home, he finds out how people in his town have drastically changed. JJ’s current wealth makes everyone reconsider what they want from life, and makes them question whether they can reshape their lives to fulfill their dreams or are they forced to stay in their current conditions.

The Women in the Castle 
By Jessica Shattuck 

Taking place at the end of World War II in a castle that was once home to Germany’s high society, this powerful story of three widows, who cross paths and become inseparable, seek justice for their murdered husbands by plotting to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

American War 
By Omar El Akkad

Sarat Chestnut is six when the Second American Civil War breaks out in 2074, but even at that age she is aware that oil is banned, that Louisiana is drowning and that threatening drones fill the sky. Her family is forced into a camp after her father’s murder, where she quickly becomes shaped by her surroundings until she is turned into a deadly instrument of war.

The novel is told through the eyes of Chestnut’s nephew who is confronting his dark past and his family’s role in the war.

Killers of the Flower Moon 
By David Grann 

The author of “The Lost City of Z” follows the story of one of the FBI’s earliest cases; a series of cold-blooded murders in which several members of the Osage Indian Nation, a group who became incredibly wealthy because of the oil found in their land, were brutally killed.

The FBI’s young director, Edgar Hoover, partnered with former ranger Tom White to solve the mystery of these murders and expose one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history.