Natural Oils by Oilysh

By Rana Kamaly


In the last couple of months, natural oils have became the go-to when it comes to taking care of your hair, skin and nails. Even though they have been around since the Pharaohs, we are witnessing a comeback these days as many of the products on the market are proving to be harmful and sometimes even damaging in the long run. Though the results may take longer to reach, they are the safer and healthier alternative.

With this increase in demand, new suppliers entered the industry, creating healthy competition, such as skin cream Egyptian Magic, Nefertari, Black Lotus and others. One of the new additions is Oilysh that sells 100% high quality natural oils at very reasonable prices.


Oilysh was founded a year ago by Mohamed El Tayeby and his wife Sally El Hashash. “We did not plan on it. I was sitting with someone who was talking to me about how Argan oil transforms the skin, so I thought to try it out myself, and to my surprise, I saw really positive results. With the need for natural oils lately, we decided to give it a try with 100% natural products and special packing,” says El Tayeby.

“We started importing the best oils and branding them, which might come as a surprise to many, but most of the natural ingredients we wanted to integrate in our products are not available locally. We are different than others in the market as our products are cheaper, more concentrated and of higher quality,” mentions El Tayeby. “We need to ensure quality control. If our products are not good and do not show positive results, people will not come back.”

El Tayeby recalls that the challenges they face are very minimal. They sell their products online and in selected bazaars in areas where people would understand and appreciate what is being offered.

Family businesses can sometimes be tricky, but the key to success according to El Tayeby is to divide the responsibilities. For example, Sally is in charge of dealing with customers, while he works on getting the orders ready.

Oilysh offers different types of oils, scrubs and deodorants. Prices range from EGP 50 to 300, with only one product reaching EGP 500.

Top Oils and their Benefits

Hashish Oil

This oil is imported from Morocco and is known to heal scalp problems and help make the hair smoother, longer as well as minimizing hair loss. Its benefits also include the reduction of dandruff and split ends.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known as the jack-of-all-trades as you can use it for everything; skin, hair, in food, as make-up remover or even as a teeth whitener. It reduces the hair’s frizz and split ends, and moisturizes the skin while helping to reduce wrinkles. When used in food, it is a healthy alternative that reduces cholesterol.

Jojoba Oil

This is the only oil that is sold by Oilysh that is made in Egypt as it is extracted from the Jojoba plant. It is used for the face and skin, as it contains vitamins A, B and D, which makes the skin smoother and helps with wrinkles.

Other Products

Other products that are also selling very well are the natural body scrubs and natural deodorants. People have been searching for alternative options when it comes to deodorants because it has been proven that some of the deodorant ingredients can cause skin inflammation and even cancer in some cases. When Oilysh introduced a natural deodorant, it sold out instantly. “The feedback is very positive, and I can tell you that it completely eliminates the smell for 24 hours. It so strong that you do not even need to use it daily,” explains El Tayeby.

They also have natural lip balm, perfume and foot cream that helps with relaxation.

The future for Oilysh looks bright, as they plan to be more available in different stores and pharmacies.

Oilysh products have very unique and elegant packaging that allows customers to buy it as a gift.

Contact them through Facebook: Oilysh