In part one of our segment we told you a little about Media Production City in 6th of October, that houses over 10 spacious film shooting areas and offers visitors superb entertainment. To read more about it follow this link.

Other less traditional excursions could take you to such attractions as the Sun Bird Garden, the Soleimania Resort and the Fagnoon art school.

Photo coutersy of Universite Francaise d’Egypte

Nestled in lush green fields, lies the Fagnoon Art School, a 3-story short building with hand-painted adornments. It is an art school in true meaning; where self expression is the entrepreneurial idea Fagnoon’s artist has created. Here, in the ambiance of the place, you and your children could do anything artistic. Some choose to paint on large wooden panels in the open, try some carpentry, silkscreen printing or getting their hands muddy from using a pottery wheel. For the very young visitors, there are a few horses, and mules to ride. There is also a small greenhouse to visit. The nice thing is that there are true professionals to help you – only when you need them. For those who do not wish to participate in art stuff, enjoying the time outdoors in such a place is indeed enough for a perfect day trip. The Fagnoon Art School is open all year round, every day until sunset – with a small fee of LE 30 per child (parents are free unless they are taking part). It also offers organized courses in basic arts an crafts techniques for children and adults, so sign up when you want to. It is located on the Saqqara Road, approximately 4km after the turn off to Saqqara Country Club.