Nine Websites and Applications That Help Make our Lives Easier


By Rana Kamaly


In today’s fast-paced world, we all look for assistance wherever we can find it, and this is why we are presenting you with these nine online services that will help ease many different aspects of life, and they are all one click away.


El Wafeyatscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-11-34-07-am

This is the first online platform in Egypt to bring obituaries and condolences to the online world. Through their website, you can send your condolences to the family of the deceased, publish and post obituaries and death announcements, contribute to a good cause under the name of the deceased and get your obituary published in most Egyptian newspapers through their online portal and payment methods.


What really stands out is that they have their own guide to all the details, paperwork and procedures that family members need to know when a person passes away. The process is very overwhelming at the time, so having someone to guide you through it saves a lot of time and hassle during these unfortunate moments. They also have a phonebook with numbers to all the services people may need at that time.




Law Andak Damscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-11-42-26-am

If you or a loved one has ever needed a blood donation, then you are aware of the difficulties that come with finding the blood type you need, and as a result, most of us resort to spreading the word through our network in the hopes that one of them will be a match.


This website, basically an online platform for blood donations, was created to help reduce or solve this problem by helping post your request across all of their media channels so a larger number of people would show up to donate. They also present all of the information needed for the donator to know when and where to donate his blood. You can also fill out an application form online and they will contact you when someone needs your blood type.





Elves is your personal helper or secretary. It is an application that enables you to chat with a real person and ask them about anything you need and they will have the answer for you. It can help you find something you are looking for, as well book you any flight, hotel, etc. and deliver items for and to you.


The unique aspect of this application is that you are talking to a real person, not a computer, so the more they get to know you, the more their recommendations will be accurate and considerate to your own needs. Even if you want to shop for clothes, they will recommend options for you according to your style and needs, buy it for you and deliver it to you as well.





For all parents out there who are struggling to help their kids with studying or find the best tutor, Nafham is here to cater to that. Nafham provides free prerecorded lessons for all subjects and grades that follow the Egyptian, Saudi, Algerian, Syrian and Kuwaiti curriculum. One of the benefits of it is that the video tutorials only last 5-20 minutes per lesson, so your children will not have to stay still for long. It also appeals to the kids as it is fun, interactive and educational, and for the parents, it is also free. They also have an application making it even easier for kids. Their teaching style is very innovative so this modern generation can really enjoy and learn from them.




Mumm screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-11-53-57-am

We all need some help in the kitchen from time to time: if you are a working mom, or living alone or just need a break from cooking, yet want to eat something healthy and home cooked, then make sure to try out Mumm. This website offers home cooked meals by housewives, so you are getting clean food as we as helping another person generate income for their families. Get Mumm also recently started collaborating with Syrian refugees in Egypt to cook food for their customers, so you will also be able to order delicious plates from the Syrian cuisine.


In order to ensure that high quality is maintained, you can choose the chef yourself, and write reviews about the ones you have tried so that when the chef is not good they are excluded. Mumm’s staff also conduct regular cleanliness and quality checks on the chefs’ kitchens to guarantee good products.





Through this website, you can order handymen like cleaners, plumbers, carpenters etc. They have most of the services that you may need for your home, and they offer it for very reasonable prices. Everyone gets scared to ask a total stranger to come into their house and fix something, but now they don’t need to worry because Taskty guarantees them. You can even order a cook or a photographer if you have a special occasion for a couple of hours, not having to pay anything except after the service is done.





Natakallam is an online platform that helps Syrian refugees get Arabic tutoring jobs across the world. Even though for many of us learning Arabic is easily possible, especially in Egypt, the process abroad is expensive, time consuming and relatively unavailable.


Natakallam offers online classes, making it easy for students to pick the time that suits them and access it from anywhere. Also, Syrian refugees’ numbers are increasing everyday, and even though they are allowed to live in different parts of the world, they are still not allowed to work legally in many places. Therefore, this website actually serves the needs of both markets, as the classes are offered at reasonable prices and will help support the refugees family.




Food Blessed screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-12-00-57-pm

Unfortunately, in this world we live in, we have people starving to death, even though there is an enormous amount of food waste. A young lady from Lebanon took note of this and created Food Blessed, a platform that aims to distribute edible food leftover from restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, etc. to people in need. Food Blessed is a self-funded, community-based and volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that aspires to eradicate hunger in Lebanon. They do so through their soup kitchens that collect the edible food waste and turn it into meals that people can pick up. They also have a mobile food cart that moves around to different places to distribute these meals. This Food cart “Souper Meals on Wheels” is the first of its kind as it distributes meals in the morning, and turns into a pizza restaurant by night.


This is a really noble cause that would be highly beneficial if implemented in Egypt as we also have a lot of edible food waste that can cater to the underprivileged people living across Egypt.





Yaoota is an online shopping website where you can search, compare and buy items from over 100 stores in Egypt. It is basically an online mall for all the reputable stores available, excluding car and real estate markets.


Even if you prefer to see a product before you buy it, you can still use this service to compare prices for this specific product before you go to the shop. Even though they just started two years ago, they have already expanded to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and are also planning to open up to more areas in the Middle East and Africa.