Rising Travel Blogger Myriam Trannet


Choosing to leave behind a desk job to travel the world is a dream for many. Especially with the rise of social media, travel blogging has become a popular occupation, leaving adventure-driven individuals with the chance and platform to live this life with an opportunity to receive sponsors who support their journeys.

Myriam Trannet, half Egyptian half French, has put aside being a lawyer to fulfill her lifelong dream to travel around the world. We sat with Trannet to tell us more about how this passion began, which places she has visited and what her future plans are.
Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am originally a member of the Paris bar and worked for a while as a lawyer, but I did not want to commute in the Egyptian traffic, so I started looking for work around my house, but was not successful, as good law firms in my area are not really available. Last April, I made the decision to become a travel blogger.


What inspired you to start?

I follow a lot of travel bloggers on Instagram and was always interested in what they do. When I was coming back from the Philippines from a vacation with my husband and my friends, they encouraged me to just start documenting and they kept emphasizing that I would not need a fancy name or anything, I would just need to start, and so I did.

I also have a love for travel, to experience new places and meet new people. My mom lives in Paris, and I used to live there, but I wanted to expand my destinations beyond vacationing in France. I want to experience cities away from Europe; far away places that I will not be able to visit when I am older.

How do you plan for your trips? Or are they spontaneous?

We honestly never plan months in advance, but rather maybe three weeks before the date. Of course before we go anywhere, we do a lot of research on the place we are going to, where to stay, what to see, and if there are any general tips from people. Before I travel or at least as soon as I land, I try to make sure that I am aware of the basics of what to do, and then add on as we go.

Our trips are usually between 8-10 days, but it also depends on several factors, like if a place is closer, then we can stay for a shorter period of time. For example, I plan to stay in Zanzibar for around six nights.

What are some of your top destinations that stood out to you?

Bali and the Philippines were incredible. There were also breathtaking views in Saint Thomas, the Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia and Puerto Rico. It is safe to say that I love any island and I am more drawn to scenic views and cultural aspects than historical monuments and architecture.

However, I do occasionally enjoy focusing on history. For example, I love walking around Berlin because there are historical places everywhere, but if I had to choose, I would probably choose a beach destination.


Which cities have you visited in Egypt and which do you plan on traveling to?

I have been all around Egypt, but mostly when I was young, so there are many places I would like to revisit. Siwa is one of those places that I would love to re-explore, as I used to go a lot when I was young with my mother. Fayoum is also another.

I have been to many places in Sinai, as well as to Marsa Allam, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan.

My mom used to be a tour guide, and so she would always take me places, especially Luxor and Aswan, where I plan to revisit soon as I have not experienced it as an adult and got to really understand the history and beauty behind it. Luxor is usually planned as a two-day trip, whereas Aswan you can stay a lot longer as the hotels there are incredible.

Which country would you say had the most hospitable, fun-loving locals?

Any island, especially in the Caribbean, as the people there are very relaxed and welcoming.

Are there any places that you have visited that did not meet your expectations?

I would not say that they did not meet my expectations, but for example, I do not think that I would go back to the Philippines because I believe that I have seen all there is to see. Of course, there are other islands that I have not explored, but I would rather visit someplace new and experience something different.

What is your next destination and when?

I really want to go to Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Zanzibar. These are my top choices for when I am planning my next trip, but I still have not decided on when exactly.

To follow her travels, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram: trannetastravels or visit her website: trannetastravels.com.