Sea Salt Bakery: Flavorful Dairy and Gluten-Free Bites


While gluten-free and sugar-free food is usually associated with a minimal amount of flavor and variety, this new, cozy bakery in Zamalek proves all those stereotypes incorrect. Sea Salt Bakery is the perfect rendezvous for people meeting for a quick healthy bite and a cup of coffee in the middle of the workday, or with a group of friends for brunch on the weekend.

Not only is this bakery catering to the new gluten-free trend that is now rising in Egypt, it also gives a variety of tasty options to those with gluten or dairy intolerance who have limited places to go to, to fulfill their cravings.

In a modern design, Sea Salt Bakery uses a small space efficiently by opening up a side window for an outdoor bar, as well as placing a mirror inside to make the place feel spacious. Between the floral display at the entrance and the black and brown wooden interior, the bakery definitely exerts a welcoming, homey atmosphere.


Upon entering, we were greeted by owner and baker Passand El Hammami, who we managed to chat with for a few minutes. “The idea of being vegan is still challenging,” she mentioned, before continuing on to explain that she was gluten-free prior to opening up this shop. “I make everything myself, right down to the flour. Everything can now be made locally, we do not need to import,” she highlights, emphasizing the fact that she wasn’t worried about there being an industry and a market here in Egypt.

While waiting for our order, we got to admire the hand-drawn diagram that displayed the benefits of certain plant-based products on the human body. We started off by trying the Sea Salt Salad that included avocado, lettuce and apples with a zesty avocado-lime dressing. The sweetness of the apple along with the sourness of the lemon truly made for a refreshing combination.


Then came their Healthiest Burger Ever, which we were all curious about, excited that there might be the option of eating a burger without feeling the guilt later. Indeed, it surpassed our expectations. Even though the patty was perfectly cooked and seasoned with a large array of flavors, what really stood out was the sweet potato fries that accompanied it. As they were baked and not fried, they were the perfect, soft texture and were extremely light. With the skin left on and spices that complimented each other, what pulled all the flavors together was the Catalan (grilled vegetable) dipping sauce.


For dessert, we ordered the Pain Perdu as well as a brownie. Curious as to how sweet meals could taste without dairy or sugar, we were pleasantly surprised. Although we would have to say that the savory dishes outdid the sweet, the fresh fruits with the Pain Perdu and the nut flavor in the brownie still left us satisfied.

We did manage to try a large variety of dishes, however, the menu included some other great options like pancakes, scrambled eggs, ravioli and pizza as well as hot drinks and juices, among many other pastries and beverages.

The Sea Salt Bakery was definitely a different experience, and knowing that dairy and gluten-free food taste just as good, people will definitely be encouraged to start eating well.