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Miss Lira, South African

Lira was born in Johannesburg’s East Rand and grew up listening to Miriam Makeba, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone. She began writing her own songs and performing live at the age of 16, and over the last 10 years she has built an international career. Now a multi-platinum selling and award-winning Afro-Soul vocalist who refers to her music as “a fusion of soul, funk, elements of jazz and African music. 

Oliver Mtukutzi, Zimbabwe 

Throughout his career, Oliver Mtukudzi has written and performed some of the most heart rending songs that speak against hatred and violence. He has composed music appealing for restraint, for tolerance and peace between the people of the world. His musical career started at the age of 23 with the 1975 release of his debut single, and has now released over 60 albums. With his distinctive husky voice, he has become the most recognized voice to emerge from Zimbabwe and onto the international scene and has earned a devoted following across Africa and beyond.