Whether you are in need of upgrading your space, or are trying to furnish a new home, there are several ways to create a more elegant, high-end house with a smaller budget; you just need to make sure you spend the money in the right place.

Pay Attention to Paint
The colors of your walls usually make or break the design of your home. Whether more bold colors suit your personality or a more neutral, toned-down palette does, both can enhance the warmth of your rooms without actually having to buy too many accessories. For bold colors, you can stick to dark reds, navy blues or dark purples, whereas, for a more calming design, opt for dark beiges, yellows or browns.

Don’t Forget Pillows
Although it seems like a small addition, their existence in a home gives out a more comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. It is a way of subtly adding an accessory that blends into its surroundings, rather than grab too much attention to it. Pillows offer both comfort for your guests, and if chosen correctly, add an elegance to the room they are placed in.

Window Accessories
Without any curtains, drapes or shades, your home can appear unfinished. Some materials may be overpriced, but there are always less costly options for a well furnished home. Try and avoid flimsy materials that have no specific shape, as well as see-through curtains, and replace them with silk, linen or cotton to add more depth to it. You could also add bamboo or wood shades for an earthier feel.

Talk your contractor out of placing standard lighting fixtures, and aim for a more modern look that will appear more costly than it actually is. For instance, if your ceiling has several layers to it, add spotlights to the lower surfaces, or mix and match between standard chandeliers and flat lights.

Wood Over Carpet
Although for families, covering your floors with carpet seems like a more comfortable, safer alternative to wooden floors, however, it does take from the elegance of the place. Luckily, there are many wooden alternatives that are at great prices, like HDF, that still provide the same warmth as the carpet does, yet adds a more sophisticated design.

Clean, Uncluttered Home
This is the cheapest, yet most important step to an elegant home. Put away all unnecessary accessories and furniture to avoid making the place look cluttered, noisy and messy. We are all victims of keeping things we don’t need because of sentimental values, but try and keep the most important items and pass on the old, dusty objects. Also, always make sure your home is vacuumed and tidy.