By Tamer Hegab

Through today’s day and age, social media has advanced to the degree where managing social media accounts has become a career. Although people from older generations might night fully understand how you sitting on your phone all day posting stuff through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a career, some young people do. Moreover, these young people have grown immensely through social media.

One of these young entrepreneurs is Aly Osman. Osman, is a 23 year old finance graduate from the American University in Cairo, who always goes by ‘Do what you love, so you can love what you do.’. When he first told people his idea to assume social media as a career, he pretty much got laughed at. “It was such a new idea at the time,” he says. “Social media hadn’t exploded like it has today.”

He never gave up nor did he gave people the chance to let him down. On the contrary, he took all criticism as motivation to reach his dream.

“It all started when I entered college. I had a decision to make, whether to be people’s definition of ‘cool’, or my own definition of ‘cool’ that people would look up to.”

As hard as that decision is for a teenager, Osman went with what he loved the most, On-Campus activities. He participated into almost every student activity on campus, learned about everything, and met everyone making friends, enemies, and acquaintances. It reached a point that every event happening in AUC, he had to be the person virtually ‘hosting’ the event. That was the point he knew exactly what he wanted!

One day he was sitting with a friend and he was talking about being a viner (creating short 6 second videos for entertainment). It turned into a bet that his friend will be a famous viner, and Aly, will have the biggest vines pages. Obviously, he won the bet as his page, @Egyfunnysociety, has by now around 600,000 followers.

Because he graduated with a finance major, some of his family and friends wanted him to stick to pursue a career related to his major, but he only took this as a way to motivate himself into reaching his dream and prove everyone wrong.

He got two jobs at multinational companies and learned a lot from them, then he started his own company ‘OS for Social Media and Marketing Solutions‘ with clients such as Unilever, Knorr, Lipton, Dandy Mega Mall, Gezira Club, and Omar Khairat.

As Aly pursued his dream, he wants young generations to do the same, so beside his work in social media, Aly gave lots of speeches in many motivational speaking events such as TEDx, AUC THE TALK, and Interact conference.

When he was asked “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” His answer was,
“I want my company to be the start of a revolution in the industry. I want my work to speak of me. I want to inspire people. I want people to reach their dreams. I want to change the Egyptian mindset about being successful is only about being a doctor or an engineer. I want to make a change.”

Today, not only does Osman manage his own marketing solutions agency, but he is also the Egyptian brand ambassador for the telecom giant, Huwawei.