The Fusion of Torii


I was invited along with a large number of media personnel, influencers and tastemakers to try out Torii’s new menu.

Frankly, Sushi is not the first item on the menu that I would usually pick, so I went to see what else is being offered at this Japanese restaurant. Surprisingly, the variety of sushi rolls were so tasty that I feared if I have too much, I won’t be able to taste the rest of the menu.


Dishes of palatable Japanese delicacies were being laid out on our tables, including crispy salmon Japanese tacos and the two creative salads, the Tako salad with octopus and shredded vegetables, pine nuts and fresh coriander, as well as the Quinoa Salad; a mix of quinoa, orange and a drizzle of Torii’s special sauce.

For those people who are not seafood eaters, you should try the Chicken Cashew dish, a Torii specialty, or the crunchy vegetable tempura variety.


The main attraction that night was the live-action at the Teppanyaki station, where the chef lit up the restaurant with a big flame live show that instantly had everyone standing around the chef and recording the mesmerizing moment. Guests then filled their plates with a freshly grilled variety of meats and seafood along with noodles served either fried, wheat or as Chinese egg noodles.

The dessert was another of the chefs’ creative dishes; a caramelized banana sambousek along with sake and green tea.

An experience you should not miss.
Torii Restaurant, Cairo Marriott Hotel. Open 6 pm to midnight.