The Power of Words

By Selma Köhn


Words can put you on a carousel – if you do not control them. They either make or break you, uplift or destroy you, liberate or trap you. Regardless of what they express, words shape your entire reality and reflect what you carry inside. Your thoughts, emotions and belief systems end up in a description that your words create. This description creates the story you are living.

Word Detox

Take a moment and think about the language you are using everyday. Is it filled with encouraging or discouraging words? Do you choose yourself or are you driven by the word ticker in your mind? Have you ever questioned the stories you are telling yourself?

Language is more than just a structure of grammar, spelling and rules. Through language, we convey a message that is inside of us. Words play with our imagination, thoughts and emotions, as the meaning we attach to it is the core of it.

Given how influential the effect of words is having on your life, becoming conscious of what you say to yourself and others is actually essential, and an obligation. Most of us want to have a life filled with positivity, in which some succeed at achieving while others do not. While the former tends to be positive, naturally the latter gravitates towards negativity. The difference between both cases is the choice of words, which is the good news, as you have a choice of controlling your mind – if you decide to.

There is a difference between the words: “I wish I could and I can, I want to and I will, I am a loser and I am a winner”.

Each word has its own story and vibration, and if you say it over and over again, it becomes the imprint inside of you from which your life enfolds. This reflects the universal law “as within, so without”, which is what every religious or spiritual movement teaches you. Indeed, we interpret the outside according to what we have stored inside. In fact, what is manifested in our subconscious mind is steering our conscious living, and as limitless as our thoughts are, so are our words.

Again, take a moment and recall the main thoughts you have about yourself, your life and others. What do they symbolize? What do they tell you? How do they make you feel? It all depends on how everything makes you feel.

vib.jpgWords and Water

Like thoughts and emotions, words are energy. When they align with each other, either something beautiful or something ugly is created.

“A combination of non-resonating vibration can result in destructive energy, and nothing can be created out of it,” said Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist. “When some vibration and the other resonate each other, it always creates a beautiful design.”

In 1994, Emoto conducted an experiment with water crystals where he explored the effect words have on water. He was convinced that water was the “blueprint for our reality” and thoughts and emotions expressed through words are nothing less than energy and vibration, which influences the physical structure of water. With his “Messages from Water” experiment, he proved himself right.

Emoto froze water in different bottles, and on each bottle, he wrote different words like “Ugly, Happiness, Gratitude, I love you…”. When he looked at the water crystals of each bottle under the microscope, he saw that they would transform themselves either into a beautiful or ugly form. While the crystals from the bottle with the word gratitude had an immensely beautiful shape, the ones from the bottle with the word ugly had almost no shape at all.

Now, adapt these findings to yourself, especially to your body.

When you recall events where you told yourself or heard someone saying something negative about you, how did it make you feel? Did it strengthen or weaken you? What effect did it have on your body posture?

Our body is made up of 70 to 80% water, so when you apply Emoto’s findings to the water crystals in your body, you will notice the intense effect words are having on you. When you think about it further, the effect the story of your mind has on your health is tremendous. Doctors found out that almost 73% of all diseases stem from negative inner dialogue.

water.jpgWords and Vibration

Another scientist who discovered that different words carry different vibrations was David Hawkins. In his book “Power vs. Force”, he created a map of consciousness where he listed different emotional states on a scale from 0 to 1000. For example, at the bottom is the depressive, at 200 is the courageous, at 500 the love and above 700 is the enlightenment state. When he measured the world’s population in 1995, he found out that more than 70% vibrate very low, around the number 200. This is mainly due to us being more in our ego-state mind than in our spirit-state mind.

Only when you raise your vibration can you change your life, and you can raise your vibrational state by the words you use. Even if you are feeling low, you can consciously talk yourself out of it. It is easier for those who tend to be more optimistic than those wired to pessimism, but the good news is that we all have the choice of changing the thoughts we think.

As they say, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. By changing your level of consciousness, you can actively influence the course of your life.