by Rana Kamaly


Since this is the era of new trends and thinking outside the box, many people are applying the same to their weddings too. Even though many couples consider a fairytale wedding, others are resorting to frugal and/or adventurous ways to celebrate. Community Times brings you some of the most innovative ideas, (keeping in mind that some of them aren’t necessarily doable).


A Tour Around Cairo

What a great opportunity it would be to have your wedding while you visit all your favorite spots around Cairo! Your guests can join you in any of the places or share the whole tour with you. So you can go to the pyramids, take a felucca ride, or just walk around Old Cairo and people would join for one stop, two stops or the whole tour. It goes without saying that you will have a plethora of amazing photo opportunities, and an endless choice of invited, and uninvited guests.



This is an amazing destination for a wedding and also very much a budgeted one. Rent a bus for your guests, accommodate them in Basata’s ecolodges and serve a typical Basata wedding buffet. You can have an economical wedding at an amazing place with panoramic views of the Red Sea and Sinai’s mountains.

Picture walking down the isle facing the Red Sea during a breath-taking sunset while the night sky in Nuweiba can be your decoration. Your guests will enjoy the scenic beaches in all its splendor and spend their time there with plenty of activities to keep them busy.


In a Hot Air Balloon

Having your wedding in a hot air balloon has become a “thing” in many countries, and since Luxor is the only location that can fly hot air balloons, there is no harm for trying this for your wedding party. Basically the couple are flown in a balloon while guests are surrounding them in other balloons. You will have an aerial view of the Nile, ancient monuments and the amazing colors of the sky during sunset, with photos that will stay imprinted in the memories of the guests forever.

desert wedding

In the Desert

Nature is, and will always be the best place to be at, if you want a peaceful and tranquil wedding. Imagine yourself getting married in an oasis in the middle of the desert, or in the white desert. It will be an adventure to remember,. Egypt’s nature has a lot to offer through its deserts, seas, Nile and monuments all for free, so why not use it for your magical night?


The Stadium

Many couples are sports addicts and have had their most special moments cheering up for their favorite team. So what better way to tie the knot than where you first felt the passion? A stadium would be great for a fast ceremony with as much people as you want. You can also decorate it with signs of your favorite team, get some fast food and snacks (game style) for your guests. The opportunities for creativity are plentiful.


At the Baron Palace

If you are one of those vintage lovers who just want romance and thrill, then the Baron Palace will be the perfect spot for you. This timeless architectural beauty that screams authenticity is just perfect for an outdoor wedding. You can also ask guests to dress in the era the palace was erected to add a nice twist to the whole event, and if you are low on budget you can turn it into a dish party where every family cooks a dish and bring it along. Just make sure to check the palace’s policies because the government keeps changing their minds about whether to open it for public use or not.


In the Countryside

I am sure you have one friend or family member who owns a country home or land at the outskirts of the city. Having your wedding there will need a few volunteers to set up an appropriate seating arrangement, or offer floor seating for the youth, thoughtful decorations, and you are ready to go. An oriental menu would be suitable for the occasion, which can include food cooked on the farm.



If you are a diver or swimming lover, think of performing the ceremony while sitting on surf boards, or take the person performing the ceremony in a boat and tie the knot, especially if it is a glass boat with all the colorful sea world right under your feet.

Finally, remember to do your heart’s desire. It is just a once in a life time moment and be rest assured that your guests will enjoy a different and unique wedding.