Top Spring and Summer 2017 Fashion Trends



Commonly used for street and casual wear, this year designers have found a way to add an edge to this practical material and turn it into a more trendy, bold look. From oversized pants and jackets to fitted shirt dresses, khaki is making a more fashionable comeback to the runway.


Shades of Yellow

This is usually not your go-to color when picking out an outfit. Designers have experimented this year with different shades of yellow in order to suit all skin colors and be wearable to all kinds of occasions. Dresses and jumpsuits were the most popular choice to compliment this unique color.

Emilio Pucci

Colorful Stripes

Although stripes commonly make an appearance on the runway every year, bolder and brighter stripes took over this year, with designers adjusting the trend in their own way, whether by presenting outfits with thin or broad stripes or vertical or horizontal stripes. The one common feature seen throughout though is the bold choice of colors, making it perfect for the warmer months.

Elie Saab

Waist Cinchers

A surprising addition to the runway, waist cinchers have made their way back into the fashion scene after decades of disappearance. Bringing back a more 80s, high-fashion look, this trend will definitely add a little edge to an outfit.



Floral patterns were seen extensively this year, mainly on dresses and skirts, and often times were paired with fruits or other shapes to create an effortless, colorful and chic outfit. These patterns were seen on everyday outfits to evening gowns.

Michael Kors


A perfect theme for the spring and summer, sailor-inspired patterns and colors on jackets, pants and skirts all added a bold, elegant and unique look to the runway, one that was highly evident in Tommy Hilfiger’s 2016 collection.

Tory Burch


This trend does not seem to be going anywhere soon. Alternating between bearing one shoulder or both, this look goes well with any occasion, and looks great on blouses, dresses and jumpsuits, and in any material with any pattern.

Erin Fetherston

White Shirt Dresses

With the approach of summer, a perfect white dress is what everyone will be looking for. This trend can stand out more with colorful shoes and large accessories, or if you want a more laid back look, opt for black or brown pumps.

Marissa Webb

Extremely Large Accessories

Statement accessories have been evident throughout all runway shows this year, and are paired with almost anything. Large sized bags, earrings and necklaces all made an appearance, gaining more attention than the outfits themselves. For those who are not fans of bold patterns or cuts on clothing, choosing a simple outfit with bold accessories will definitely do the trick.



A strange trend that made an appearance last year has also been seen on the runway in 2017. Usually in the form of a bathrobe, some designers have strayed away from the too laid back look and opted for a wrap dress or coat that combined comfort with elegance.