Unilever Mashreq Launches Latest Technology for Damaged Hair Honoring Five Women


Unilever Mashreq Launches the World’s Latest Technology for Dry and Damaged Hair in the Egyptian Market Honoring Five Women who are Enriching the Community with Beauty

In an extraordinary event, Unilever Mashreq, the leading personal care company represented in Dove products, launches a new hair care range of products, delivering an important message from this global product to the beauty of Egyptian women.

The brand’s parent company decided to honor five female models who have enriched the Egyptian society in different forms of human beauty and succeeded in changing life around them for the best in many fields, in a clear message that emphasizes that beauty is an integrated system that combines the natural beauty, and the inner spirit and human personality.

Amal Mobadda – Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Governmental National Council for Disabilities Affair and Ms. Nehad Shelbaya – Founder of Nada Foundation – were the most prominent women who have been honored, besides the brilliant artist Yasmin Ghaith, May Abdul Aziz – specialized in children’s psychology and Ms. Nadia Gamal Al-Din – Founder of “Rahet Bali” Forum.

Sherine Abdel Moneim, Personal Care Director at Unilever Mashreq, said, “Dove’s beauty philosophy relies on real women.  They are our inspiration, and they are our heritage, collaborators and supporters.  We believe that beauty is for everyone, so we aim at engaging our customers with products that deliver superior care.”

Unilever North Africa & Middle East’s Research & Development Manager Jasmine Mucenieks, assured that the new Dove Nutritive Solutions have been tested on more than 10,000 women across the globe, to ensure the best formulas for all hair types.