22.	  Barbie room, Villa Casdagli, Garden City, Cairo, 2010


The Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) will launch a restoration project of Abdel Latif School known as Villa Casdagli following destruction that occurred due to clashes between protestors in Simon Bolivar area.

The heritage building was badly damaged as most of the mirrors that once decorated the villa’s main hall have been smashed, wooden stairs connecting the villa’s ground floor to the first floor were burned down, and fire also destroyed the wooden decorative motifs, walls, cupboards and floors. All the windows have been broken, and the painted walls were peeled.

The villa belonged to the British-Levantine businessman Emanual Casdagli that moved to Egypt during the Khedive Ismail era.  It was built in the late 19th or early 20th century by the Austrian architect Edward Matasek, member of the Committee of Arab Antiquities preservation.  The villa is distinguished by its European architectural style consisting of two floors, in addition to a basement. Its façade is adorned with floral decorations and statues.

The Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA), placed the villa on Egypt’s heritage list.