By Mushira Sabry

Tradition has always bound us to wearing a white dress on that special day-but why follow traditional trends when you can stand out, dressed in pieces that are out of the ordinary? Some of these pieces are for the daring, (but not all of them are recommended).

Wedding Dresses With Color Dream Bridal In The Awesome And Gorgeous Wedding Dresses With Color At Detroit - Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses

Consider this A-line wedding dress, elegantly decorated with red roses and floral prints on its hem and trail.

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White is just too limiting, as you can see in this richly colored rainbow wedding dress.

3 cloud-nine-wedding-dress

Unless you love loaves of bread, do not consider this as an option.

4 gothic-bridal-gown-8

Monochromatic dresses are certainly chic, and are very daring. Not only that, it will suit your groom’s suit perfectly.

5 Nontraditional-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Fashion-Week-Fall-2016

Lace and taffeta have never met a more unusual combination. This dress is certainly for the more “leggy” of us; it will highlight your most treasured asset, and certainly turn some heads.

6 protectingthepoof

There is such a thing as too much “poof,” as this bride demonstrates. We can all agree that it will certainly support her should she tip herself over; indeed, it might bounce her right back up!


This black and white dress is very becoming, as the black decorations trickles down the sides of the dress, creating a startling contrast to the usual white dress.

8 Tulle Organza Princess A Line Unique Designer Wedding Dress Sale_1

Why white, when you can have this lavish off-white tulle A-line dress? This piece is a feast for any photographer, as it moves with you in different combinations as you glide around your wedding.

10 YSL1965

Unless it is really cold, you should not consider this dress, once created by the illustrious fashion house Yves Saint Laurent in 1965.