Weird Wedding Cakes


For those who want to stray away from any popular wedding traditions and go all out, here are some bizarre wedding cakes for inspiration!

For the Foodies

Even if you are a dessert lover, wedding cakes are usually more of a tradition and are used for decoration rather than a tasteful addition to the buffet, and many would see it as a waste. Those who do not see this tradition as an obligation, take the risk of putting together a “cake” with food items you love, whether that includes doughnuts, burgers, pancakes or cupcakes as examples. It is guaranteed that guests will love it too!


Instead of opting for a perfectionist’s cake, some people choose to present their culture through their choice of cake design, another unique approach for those looking to portray their roots and create a more cozy, deep atmosphere for their guests. It is a great combination for couple’s looking for a unique, but not too bizarre, cake.

Modern Twist to Tradition

This is a go-to nowadays for a more quirky approach to wedding cakes as it certainly adds a comic, light touch to weddings. While some turn to conveying how marriage “ties you down”, others add the humorous joke of husbands having to leave their video games for their wives. People also sometimes choose to keep the cake traditional, but add an animated topper, or a small decoration on the cake, to give it that additional element.

Kids at Heart

For those who love video games, cartoons, Legos or superheroes, you are not alone; we are all kids at heart, and some people are not afraid to let their guests know. For those couples who share these interests, a cake that reflects what they love is a great way to give their guests a laugh and reflect their personalities.